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Now What?

Your doula is a great resource of support after you have your baby, but some families are looking for a little bit more support.

Father with Newborn Baby

How We Prepare for Parenthood

As parents, we are unable to predict what kind of birth we will have. We prepare for this by taking birth classes, staying in shape, and by learning to use tools that support us have to have an empowered birth experience.

After the birth, we are also unable to predict our infant's unique needs right away. At EB Doulas, we provide specialized education and expert information for new parents.  

What are Our Babies Trying to Tell Us?

Through our Parent Coaching program, begin to anticipate your baby's needs. Our Parent Educators provide you with evidence based infant and child development education, and partner with you to help navigate your way into parenthood. Using curricula from:


Parent Coaching & Education

One Hour Session - $100

We will discuss sleeping, feeding, crying, discipline, typical and atypical development and how to support your baby's advancement through all of their growth stages.

Parents can also monitor baby's development through Ages and Stages screenings.

Here you and your baby engage in activities that help track progress as well as be provided a referral for more in-depth assessment if there is concern.

How it Works


Answer a few questions to help identify your family's needs and expectations.

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Receive Support

You are the expert on your baby, anticipate your infant's needs even more with EB Doulas Parent Coaching.