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Empowered Beginnings Doula Agency

Empowered Beginnings Doulas

Doula Support and Education for New Parents and Families

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Welcome to EB Doulas

We are a Group of Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Counselors, and Parenting Coaches Who Believe in the Power of Community & Partnership

In addition to unlimited phone access to your doula and your scheduled visits 

we offer monthly group zoom calls and a weekly (in-person) postpartum group. 


About Us

Expertly Trained Support

Ashley Minihan and Dawn Havener

Certified Doulas

Ashley Minihan and Dawn Havener

have collectively supported thousands of families for over 20 years!

They train, mentor, and support each one of the EB Doulas so you know your doula has complete access to a wealth of knowledge before, during, and after your birth.

Ashley stepped into the Doula role from a bit of a different perspective than many other Doulas. She had worked with families for 20 years in many different types of educational and support roles. 

Leading parent and child groups, conducting home visits and being a parent educator gave Ashley broader experiences of supporting families. As she began working with clients and other CT Doulas she realized that in general Doula trainings lack some of the key components that are essential for providing Holistic Doula Services. 


EB Doulas attend weekly trainings and group supervision to make sure that they are getting support, education and guidance needed to support their Connecticut clients. The Doula/client relationship is extremely special and acts as a pillar of support. Knowing your Doula has the support of other Doulas and a team behind her makes our agency unique.

To learn more about your CT Doulas click here.

To receive expert advice, parent support and education, reach out to us today and we will get you started.

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